A Microprocessor based Controller is being provided to the generator with self diagnostic & self-management system.

  • It measures, monitor, control & operate all the required electrical mechanical parameters

  • User friendly LCD display

  • Logs last 50 Fault codes helps operator/service personal for troubleshooting. Safeties with annunciation

  • Engine Safeties: High Water Temperature, Low Lub. Oil Pressure, Low Fuel Level, Air Filter Choke

  • Alternator Safeties: Under Voltage, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Overloading


  • Standard Manual Panel/AMF Panel

  • MS construction Control panel

  • Powder coated Control Panel

  • Suitable rating 3 Pole MCB/MCCB

  • All critical parameters of Engine and Alternator are displayed on Micro-processor based controller

  • Indoor Type Mounting Inside Acoustic Enclosure (Standard Manual Control Panel)


  • Auto Mains Failure Panel

  • Remote Start/Stop Panel